All of our people live locally and are volunteers. There is no charge for our service.

How we work

We have created peer-to-peer support groups of volunteers covering each area of Bridge of Allan. Each local group has its own chat group for keeping in touch. When someone phones, texts or emails us for help, we pass the message on to the group covering their area and ask for a volunteer to help out. The volunteer then contacts the person who needs help and sorts out what they need.

Our Story

Bridge of Allan Cares started as a Facebook Group in March 2020 at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK when it was becoming apparent that many people would have to stay isolated for long periods to avoid getting infected or passing on the infection.

Meet the Team

We administer the Facebook Group, moderate posts to the Group, approve new Group members and put people who ask for help in touch with someone locally who can help them out.

Katy Joy Whitelaw


Katy created Bridge of Allan Cares to connect the community together.

Jo Cookson

Group Scout Leader

Jo is 11th Bridge of Allan Group Scout Leader and coordinates all telephone requests for help

Forbes McKay

Cub Section Leader

Forbes is 11th Bridge of Allan Cub Pack Leader and administers this website and group publicity.

Next Steps…

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